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WHERE: London (England)

WHAT: The Millennium Bridge Inclined Lift

WHO: Lift Consultants: Dunbar & Boardman

WHEN: 2012

HOW: Lift Doors: Sematic 2000 SWS with underdriven operator

HIGHLIGHTS: The Millennium Bridge is a steel suspension bridge for pedestrians crossing the River Thames in London, linking Bankside with the City. The access to the bridge is guaranteed by an inclined lift, recently renovated. Sematic Wireless System was selected for this project due to the car and landing doors being independently driven but connected via an optical coupling making the system more tolerant to minor variations in the car position due to load in the car or weather conditions.


Technical Sheet

Sematic 2000 SWS:

Doors for inclined lifts


The first certified automatic door with optical coupling

Optical coupling; mechanical coupling free

Suitable for inclination between 15 and 75 degrees

Different inclination from floor to floor for the most complex installations

Framed and frameless glass panels for top design projects

Under driven operator for higher aesthetic appeal

Fully covered operator; increased protection against extreme weather conditions

Fire rated executions

Heated bottom track for extreme environmental conditions